We are supplier of travelling cutlery set as well as print the logo on the pouch or cover of the dining sets. Travel cutlery set with printed logos are excellent give away for travelers and environmentally conscious peoples.

Travel Cutlery Set (CS001)

Model: Travel Cutlery Set (CS001)

Colour: Red, Blue, Black, Green

Remarks: Come with spoon, chopstick and fork


Aluminium Cutlery Set (HA552)

Model: Aluminium Cutlery Set (HA552)

Material: Aluminium casing

Colour: Silver, Maroon, Gold, Blue and Purple



Travelling Dining Set (CS999)

Model: Travelling Dining Set (CS999)

Colour: Green




Budget cutlery set CS988Model: Budget Cutlery Set (CS988)

Colour: White, Orange, Red, Blue