It is always necessary to have a drink handy whenever you go to work, stroll in a park, or any other activities that requires several hours, you do not need to leave your work station and buy a drink or even look for a store just to buy one to quench your thirst, in short it is for your own health and convenience. However, not all mugs are convenient to use, it is important that you select the best one to maximize its benefits and that is what plastic mugs are all about, the great thing is you can find variety of it in this website. From plastic mugs with straw, collapsible water container, up to the classic plastic mugs they have it all here, it comes in wide array of colors and designs to fit your likings so you are sure to find one that would be very beneficial in providing you drink on the go all the time. All the plastic mugs that you can find in this website are made up of high quality materials to ensure durability and safety so whether you put a cold or hot drink, rest assured that it stays delicious and fresh as it is.

Plastic Mug (M1828)

Model: Plastic Mug (M1828)

Material: Plastic

Colour: Translucent clear

Capacity: 400ml


Plastic Mug with Straw (M3928)

Model: Plastic Mug with Straw (M3928)

Material: Plastic

Colour: Black, Red, Blue

Capacity: 450ml


Plastic Bottle (M4060)

Model: Plastic Bottle (M4060)

Material: PP

Colour: Yellow, Blue, Green, White

Capacity: 500ml


Plastic Mug (M1037)

Model: Plastic Mug (M1037)

Material: Plastic

Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Red

Capacity: 450ml


Model: Trendy Plastic Mug (M1038)

Material: Plastic

Colour: Green, Pink, Yellow, Red

Capacity: 500ml