Mugs printing supplier

Mugs are very practical and functional promotional gifts as it provides excellent space for branding purpose. We are able to offer you two type of printing methods depending on the type of the artwork and the quantity.  In general, the printing cost will be higher with higher colors to be printed on the mugs. The type of branding methods are Roll print screen printing and dye sublimation process.  Dye sublimation printing will be more expensive than pad printing as this method is more labour intensive works.

Pad Printing on Mugs and bottles

Pad printing on mug

Pad printing is the most economical branding method for mugs and bottles for small scale printing. It uses a machine with a small sponge/foam with crafted logo and transfer the inked logo to the object. It can be printed with 4 solid colors with no color gradient. The printing output is sharp and the color is vivid. The drawback of this method is the printing is suitable for small area logo and wordings only as the printing dimension for this method is limited.

Dye Sublimation Printing on Ceramic mugs

Dye sublimation full color printing

This is a newer technology which is very suitable for photos or logo with gradient colors. The image will be printed on a sublimation paper with a printer with special sublimation ink. The printed sublimation paper will be wrapped around the ceramic mugs with heat resistant tape on the intended printed area. The ceramic mugs will be clamped onto a heating machine. The high heat produced by the machine will transfer the image onto the ceramic mugs. The advantage of this method is it can be printed with low quantity as it do not required to construct the film/block for printing purpose. You may refer this video to understand more the process.