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Gifts are amazing when packaged and made beautiful. No matter how small the gift item, as long as they represent something, convey something, portray something or create an impression and have an extraordinary look, the gift item would be valued by whomever it is given to.

Gifts are not just items to be given out, gifts meant to be valuable, touching and last forever in the heart of the receiver. To make sure our gift items are valued by our receivers, we have gone as far as making the gifts items irresistible by making them look beautiful, colorful, swift and sleek.

Drink wares creates amazing feelings and experiences when a properly produced, designed and beautified drink wares are been used.

GIFTMUGS.com.my is a Malaysian leading supplier of drink wares containers and promotional mugs with personalized logo printing. All our products are ready stocked and suitable to be given out as corporate gifts. We pride our self on having one of the Malaysian largest ranges of drink wares including thermo mug, thermo flask, vacuum flask, sport bottle, BPA free plastic bottle, coffee mugs, ceramic mug, color glass mugs, water tumblers, travel thermo flask set and lunch box.

We also supply personalized items with various printing techniques including silk screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer and dye sublimation for photo realistic printing.

Custom printed mugs makes useful promotional products, for practically any events like fundraising, annual dinner door gifts, coloring competition, sport day and corporate gift for clients.

Promotional mugs are considered cost effective and universally accepted as an efficient promotional item. It is practical in life and has high retention value to the receivers.

At GIFTMUGS.com.my, our goal is to satisfy our clients by producing the best of drink wares and other products we have to offer.

Why should you choose us as your promotional mug supplier:

  • We focus on supplying quality and variety products with competitive pricing
  • We have in house printing facility that will ensure best printing quality with timely delivery
  • We have 10 years of experience in dealing with premium corporate gifts.

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