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Promotional Price for Drinkware

Welcome to – Malaysia leading supplier of drinkware containers and promotional mugs with personalized logo printing. All our products are ready stock and suitable to be given out as corporate gifts. We pride ourselves on having one of the Malaysia largest ranges of drinkware including thermo mug, thermo flask, vacuum flask, sport bottle, BPA free plastic bottle, coffee mugs, ceramic mug, colour glass mugs, water tumblers, travel thermo flask set and lunch box.

We supply as well as personalize the items with various printing techniques including silk screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer and dye sublimation for photo realistic printing.

Custom printed mugs make useful promotional products, for practically any events like fundraising, annual dinner door gifts, colouring competition, sport day and corporate gift for clients. Promotional mugs are considered cost effective and universal accepted as efficient promotional item. It is practical in life and has high retention value to the receivers.

Why should you choose us as your promotional mug supplier?

-We focus on supplying quality and variety products with competitive pricing
-We have in house printing facility that will ensure best printing quality with timely delivery
-We have 10 years of experience in dealing with premium corporate gifts.

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Promotional Mugs for Marketing Campaigns

There’s no doubt that a simple mug as a promotional item has millions of fans, since it’s one of the most useful items used in homes and offices for drinking tea or coffee. Moreover, people usually don’t like to get rid of their beloved cups, even when they are chipped; instead they turn it into a pen holder.

Promotional mugs for marketing event

In fact, this is the very reason why they are still so popular amongst campaigners and promoters. Besides, they come in so many styles and designs that it becomes totally impossible to remove it from the list of promotional gift items. Since quite long, ceramic items have been the first choice in promotional goods industry due to their usefulness and affordability. Those who get these as gifts find it quite easy to handle them, as they are simple to wash and can be used in microwave and a dishwasher.

Moreover, the USB warming plate that can be connected with your PC has made it easier to keep your coffee warm. In fact, today employees in several offices can be seen using this system as it saves time and allows them to enjoy their coffee while working in their desk without taking a break for coffee. Apart from this, today spill proof designs are available in the market that protect the documents, PC and keyboards for getting damaged due to spilled coffee, tea or water.

Mostly, spill proof mugs are made out of stretched metal or aluminium. Although, they are not microwave safe, they come with insulators that keep the beverage warm or cold in the mug. The best feature about these mugs is that you can carry them with you, especially while driving where you can enjoy your coffee while on your way to a meeting or office. Furthermore, you can select from different colors and sizes, and order mugs with classic metal polish finish, or crystal finish.

Today, thermal versions of mugs that work on the traditional thermos flask principle can also be seen in the market. They have more capacity and can hold more beverages in them. Besides, regardless of their built (plastic or metal exterior) they can keep the liquid warm or cold for longer duration, as they feature an insulated interior part. Most of the companies are using these kinds of mugs for their promotions and campaigns as they are quite cheap and serve their purpose well.

promotional mugs sample

From this we can conclude that the beverage holders, regardless of their design, material or style are still quite popular as promotional gift items. In fact, there’s enough space on them to print your logo, company name or details, and since they are the items which people use on daily basis, it’s for sure that whenever your client will drink a coffee from it, he will immediately remember about you, your generosity and the company you represent.

Printed Mugs As Value Promotion Gifts

Printed mug as door gifts

When it comes to promotional items, printed mugs have always been the favourite option as they deliver true value for money. A mug with a company logo printed on it stays with the client forever. Besides, mugs come in different varieties and give the marketing manager a greater flexibility to choose which kind of mug would suit his campaign, while staying in budget.

Plastic Mugs: These are the cheapest variety of all, and come in a huge range of attractive colours that can surely catch the eye of potential customers to your company logo printer over it. Moreover, they are highly durable and do not break easily. Those individuals who are conscious about the environment can go for recycled plastic mugs that are available in same range of colours, but with slightly higher price.

Ceramic Mugs: There’s no doubt that these are the highly popular variety of mugs and have become the first choice for most of the company campaigns. They come in different shades and glazes, including metal shades too. Moreover, one can get these mugs finished in such a way that their colour matches with Pantone references and reflect the overall identity of the company. One of the latest printing techniques known as “dye sublimation” has made it possible to print a 4 colours photographic picture that can be fully wrapped around a mug. Moreover, with the help of new “etching” technique, the design can be sandblasted right through the glaze to create spectacular effect that catches the eye of viewer.

Fine Bone China Mugs: Companies with bigger budgets can go for this option. Though, they only come in white colour, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes & sizes. A perfectly placed logo printed on a white background defines class and quality that can be associated with the company.

Glass Coffee Mugs: These mugs have become quite popular nowadays and make a perfect corporate gift with company logo printed over them.

Most of these mugs come in a set of 2, 4 or 6 mugs encased in attractive boxes that could be used for special customers or employees. However, for customers that are associated with outdoor activities, one can choose from a wide variety of insulated travel mugs made out of plastic, steel or a mix of both.

Like you can see, there are so many choices available that it’s all worth your time and money to choose the right kind of mug that carries your company logo or name. In fact, you can find these all on the internet at websites selling promotional gift items like printed drinkware or promotional mugs. However, before choosing a company, make sure to check their samples and inspect the quality of their product closely.